Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gaurav Harsha (Physical Science - 2011 Batch) on Anthropic Principle

Why is the Universe the Way it is ? 

How the physical laws, principles and natural constants that govern our universe may have been influenced by our presence as observers. 

Observing how we question our place in the cosmos through the Anthropic Principle, we walked through several real world theories attributed to it and took a peek into the inner workings of this fine-tuned universe.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Archit Dube (Physical Science - 2010 Batch) on Physics of the paranormal

Is telepathy possible? Can we build Force Fields? Is psychokinesis possible for some beings..................?

Or can we see into the future by just concentrating?

Archit Dube tried to answer such questions by talking about the opening and the mysterious closing of star gate project of the US. Also he discussed about different animals whom people thought to be telephaths , the possibility of their being real and fake. Different psychokinetic people and researches done on them were also discussed. A video on Noetic sciences was shown in which experiments with thoughts were done. Crowd was cheered by  Dr Murugesh S Sir’s (Physics, Assi. Prof.)  gracious presence.

Harsh Agarwal (Aerospace - 2009 Batch) on Plasma Physics

What is plasma? Which equations does this state govern?
Harsh Agarwal talked about the most abundant matter in the universe its origin the governing equations Fluid (model & kinetic model) and its applications (present and future). Also he talked about his internship project at ‘INSTITUTE OF PLASMA PHYSICS’ Gandhinagar and briefly explained about the research at CERN. We thank Dr. Thomas Kurian Dean (Student Activities) & Head Department of Avionics for his gracious presence on this event.

Dancing Flames

As  kids we are always fascinated by Fire. Playing with matchsticks but have you ever seen a flame dance???...
And not only that, dancing on a music???...
In this demonstration we made an attempt to play with fire and create extraordinary demonstrations. With the guiding’s of Umesh Sir, the hard work of Mithun PS[2nd yr Physical Science] and 1st yr students we were able to bring  new understandings for this fascination. We were able to make our own ruben’s tube which was a visual delight for the crowd, a magic paper which on burning flies(ashes) as it were the smoke itself, colour of burning different salts in air was kept to play with. This demo also had basic physics experiments like the balloon and cup kept on flame not burning and the direction of a flame on rotation axis. Our Director ‘Dr. Das Gupta’ and Dean student-activities ‘Dr. Thomas Kurian’ enlightened us with their reviews.

Paper bird

Ruben's Tube

Monday, November 7, 2011

Egg-Citing Physics

When we were small we were taught about food, about egg and milk being the balanced diet and we also learn how biologically egg is strong, but did you know that egg is physically strong also and it can bear a person's weight. Boiled or raw egg, which one will win the race?? How to bounce an egg?? How an egg's centre of mass raises itself?? Why water rises only to a certain height when an egg spins in it?? Egg-citing physics asks all these questions and answers them. Another part of the demonstration was a project in which the principle of measurement of temperature at which an egg boils exactly was attempted.

Strength of Eggs
Dynamics of an Egg

Nutrition of an Egg

Best of the Demo of the week

The academic year 2010 -2011 had commenced and a new batch of fresh minds had entered the campus. The physics club thinking on how to welcome them decided upon giving the fresher’s a glimpse of the most interesting and challenging "Demo of the week" where all you have to do is have play with physics. Their eyes rolled out with excitement and lots of enthusiasm experiencing the basic principles they knew while playing with some daily used materials. It comprised of principles like conservation of angular momentum, sound frequency detection, centre of symmetry and calculating g by using magnets.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Last Airbender

The two mega projects of IIST mingle finally with the "Demo of The Week" coming under the aegis of the Physics Club. The first DftW organised by the Physics Club was on the Bernoulli Principles. The 2009 batch students with the supervision of Akshay Pande and Ashish Sachan from 2009 batch, and under the guidance and brillant ideas of Dr. Umesh R. Kadhane, Asst. Professor Physics demonstrated some splendid experiments. The videos and pictures portray the enjoyment of the demonstrators and participants.