Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dancing Flames

As  kids we are always fascinated by Fire. Playing with matchsticks but have you ever seen a flame dance???...
And not only that, dancing on a music???...
In this demonstration we made an attempt to play with fire and create extraordinary demonstrations. With the guiding’s of Umesh Sir, the hard work of Mithun PS[2nd yr Physical Science] and 1st yr students we were able to bring  new understandings for this fascination. We were able to make our own ruben’s tube which was a visual delight for the crowd, a magic paper which on burning flies(ashes) as it were the smoke itself, colour of burning different salts in air was kept to play with. This demo also had basic physics experiments like the balloon and cup kept on flame not burning and the direction of a flame on rotation axis. Our Director ‘Dr. Das Gupta’ and Dean student-activities ‘Dr. Thomas Kurian’ enlightened us with their reviews.

Paper bird

Ruben's Tube
Ruben's Tube (Instrumental Mix)

Colourful salts

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