Monday, May 24, 2010

Annam Madhulika (Avionics - 2009 Batch) on Time Travel

From science fiction to its journey through the minds of the likes of Einstein - It was on how theory supports possibility that you can go into the past or the future. Concepts of Worm Holes and travelling with speed greater than 'c'. Paradoxes and their resolutions. It packed a punch!

Solutions to paradox can be given by two theories. First, concept of parallel universe and second, forces that restrict us to do anything in past (like if we would want to fly there is gravity; it would restrict us to fly and stay on ground).

Overall, it was an exciting half hour and the talk was enjoyed by all. Hot discussion by Praveen, Akshay, Rakesh, Aritra and Harsh kept the crowd alive apart from the simplified and fluent talk by Madhulika.

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