Thursday, September 9, 2010

Aritra Sarkar (Avionics - 2009 Batch) on Fingerprint of God

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology shifts to its main campus at Valiamala, Kerala. So the Physics Club faced a few problems as the projectors were not installed. The presentation were handled by some dozen laptops individually running the slideshow.

The first session of the new semester started with a talk by Aritra Sarkar on a topic covering Architecture, Cosmology, Genetics, Music, Art, Psychology, Biology, Phyllotaxy as well as Mathematics. The Golden Ratio and its occurrence in the Universe - it is as if, wherever there is creation, there is Phi - the epitome of Beauty. The huge correlation of facts astounded the audience. Apart from The Golden Mean, a diversion into the World of Mathemagical Blackholes added to the number game.

The 2010 Batch had their first day in the Physics Club with about seventy students from the college attending the session adding another feather to our cap.

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