Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Harsh Agrawal (Aerospace - 2009 Batch) on Fractals - Self-symmetry and applications

After a lot of postponing and advancing the time and date due to the mid-tern examination, the presentation by Harsh Agrawal was finally delivered amidst a shortage of classrooms and a poultry audience due to last moment schedule changes.

However, speaking on a topic of his immense personal interest, Harsh delivered a very informative and well prepared show. The mathematical basis and varied definition of fractals; the commonly known fractals; eight queen problem; and most importantly, their appearances in our physical world - these were the topics the speech hovered on. In conclusion, the resemblance of Fractal and Chaos theory to that of a Grand Unified Theory was also looked into by the speaker. Harsh Agrawal also showed images of fractals that he himself programmed in Dev C++.

Though the crowd count didn't exceed two score and the projector couldn't be arranged for, the presence of 3 faculties - Anandamayee Tej Ma'am (Earth & Space Sc., Asso. Prof.), Murugesh S Sir (Physics, Assi. Prof.) and Narayanmurthy Sir (Physics, HOD) and their discussion proved valuable.

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